Part 3: Hiking Kungsleden in Autumn – Abiskojaure – Vuolle Alesjaure

The first part of the following morning led us back over the bridge that we had crossed the day     before, back to the east side of the lake. A sign saying “Kungsleden” assured us that we were back on track. We hiked upwards and it was really tough.


Planks or as we called them “Autobahn” (because we walked so much faster when they were available)

These planks were laid and various spots al through Kungsleden in order to ease the walk on some places or to protect the ground and vegetation.



The climb was approximately 300m steep and led to a plateau, from which we could look back on the lake that we had left behind. We had left the National Park Abisko and the landscape had also changed. No trees anymore but a more tundra-like environment.


Looking back on Abiskojaure


Colours of autumn


Very stony path

Two joggers passed us with ease on this stony section on their way to Alejaure. Jogging on Kungsleden mostly means that you do not carry a heavy backpack, so sleeping in the cabins is a must.


Relaxing while looking at the never-ending mountain tops

After a couple kilometres, a series of mountain-lakes appeared and we walked the rest of the day  having these beautiful, crystal-blue waters on our left side. We also passed a Sami village, but no people were on sight (they would probably return next spring).


A Sami village


Stunning weather and views


Just silence and a dreamy scenery


Are those brown bears that we see in the right corner? No, but these big stones stopped our breath for a moment.

Until August 31, there are boats operating at the lake Alesjaure to the STF cabins Alesjaure and for a fee this could shorten the walk for 4 kilometres.


Like a postcard


Walking over a meadow to reach the small beach, our camping place for this night

The southern lake shores are covered with fine sand, building up small, picturesque beaches. We decided to spend the night at one of the beaches, just 5 km before the Alesjaure huts, having it all for ourselves.


The Hilleberg tent was a real treat. Enough space for us and our stuff.


At the beach in front of our tent, we refreshed our feet by washing them in the chilly water.

On the other side of our camping site a waterfall emerged from the mountain face and we could not stop ourselves from thinking if this was how it would be in paradise.


Can you spot the waterfall?

Our only concern were the more and more dense clouds building up above us. Would it perhaps rain tomorrow?


Yummy in our tummies

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