Part 3: Wild Camping in Germany – Eußerthal – Modenbacher Hof

After a good night´s rest, we woke up and got ready for new adventures. With our equipment packed in the backpacks, we headed to the viewpoint of mountain Beutelsberg that we passed the day before. Sitting on the bench and enjoying the view of Eußerthal, we had our small breakfast.


Camping place left as we had found it


Best place for the breakfast

With our full backpacks we walked down the mountain Beutelsberg. Following our trek route, we came across the nice guest-house with a promising restaurant again, Birkenthaler Hof, where we decided to have our second breakfast. We chose to share one freshly prepared fish, the so called Eußerthal’s trout (German: Eußerthaler Forelle). The trout can be prepared in many variations, as the customer wants it.


Freshly made Eußerthal’s trout

In order to catch up the lost but enjoyed time, we took the local bus in order to shorten our tour a bit. Somewhere after Dernbach we continued by foot again.


A horse on Modenbacher Hof

Arriving at Modenbacher Hof, an almost over 300 year old farmyard, we knew that the second tent place was near. As we walked along the Modenbach stream, we saw many horses.


Second tent place on tour


The stream close to our tent place attracted a lot of bugs

The tent place was nice, though not as beautiful and well placed as the one the night before, because sleeping near a stream means a lot of mosquitos.

In order to find the water source, we had to walk back a few hundred meters and than uphills. Although it was not so easy to find the water source,  the taste of fresh spring water was worth it.

At the fireplace we met with other hikers and exchanged our experiences. A family of four arrived last and we were impressed of how their kids interacted with nature, making small sculptures with  a knife and a piece of wood.

Last but not least, we filled our reservoirs up with pancakes. It was indeed a bit tricky making pancakes on a spiritus stove, but somehow we managed and perhaps they were the best pancakes we had ever had…


Sleep well!

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